January/February/March 2017

January 2017

School Committee makes seniority list available to REA

Jan. 3
School reopens

Jan. 9
REA Representative Council Meeting

Jan. 15
Deadline for submitting course reimbursement form for the spring semester
Check Seniority list. Then submit any missing additional areas of certification on required form  titled “Reduction in force-Replacing Another Employee”

Jan. 16
Martin Luther Kind Day – No School

Jan. 27
Early Release

Jan. 30
Administration gives REA list of reimbursement applicant and amounts encumbered

February 2017

Feb. 1
Superintendent must respond in writing regarding his determination of a teacher’s qualifications (reduction in Force- Replacing another employee form
Compensation for advanced degree or lane changes/column changes may begin

Feb. 6
REA Representative Council Meeting

Feb. 8
Challenges to the seniority list or the superintendent’s determination of a teacher’s qualifications are due in writing to the superintendent and the REA

Feb. 15-16
Half-day for students/ parent teacher conferences

Feb. 20-24
Winter Recess

March 2017

March 1
Unresolved seniority/qualification disputes submitted to tripartite panel

March 6
REA Representative Council Meeting

March 17
Early Release Day